Metal AM market by industry 2021

Metal Additive Manufacturing market by industry

Space industry leads in system sales

Various industries have successfully adopted metal Additive Manufacturing. Medical and dental have fully embraced the technology and exploit its potential in daily serial production.
The AMPOWER Report segments the whole market into the industries of “Automotive, Motorsports, Trucks, Buses”, “Civil Aviation, Turbines, Helicopters”, “Defense”, “Space”, “Medical”, “Dental”, “Energy, Powerplants”, “Oil and Gas”, “Mechanical Engineering, Automation, Robotics”, “Tooling, Moulding”, “Research Institutions”, “Consumer Goods”, and “Other”. In contrast to the previous report, the segments of Aerospace were split to better depict the developments of the defense and space industry. Also, the medical and dental sector are now displayed separately. “Research Institutions” and “Consumer Goods” were added as segments as they represent in increasing market share.

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