Metal AM market by industry 2024

Metal Additive Manufacturing market by industry

High value industries drive the adoption of metal Additive Manufacturing.

Various industries have successfully adopted metal Additive Manufacturing. Medical and dental have fully embraced the technology and exploit its potential in daily serial production. However, today others lead the field in sales.
The AMPOWER Report segments the whole market into the industries of “Automotive, Motorsports, Trucks, Buses”, “Civil Aviation, Turbines, Helicopters”, “Defense”, “Space”, “Medical”, “Dental”, “Energy, Powerplants”, “Oil and Gas”, “Industrial”, “Tooling, Molding”, “Part Manufacturing Service”, “Research Institutions”, “Consumer Goods”, and “Other”. The vertical of “Part Manufacturing Supplier” was added with this year’s report to provide a better overview how many systems are delivered to entities that act as component suppliers to multiple industries.

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