Additive Manufacturing market 2021

Metal and polymer AM market size 2020 and 2025

Additive Manufacturing market valued at EUR 7 billion

The overall Additive Manufacturing market for metal and polymer material is valued at EUR 7.18 billion with a projected growth of CAGR 20.0 % until 2025.
The industrial polymer Additive Manufacturing market is about 2.5 times the size of its metal equivalent. While system sales revenues in both markets are at a similar level, material and part manufacturing services are much more developed for polymers resulting in a larger share of revenue.

Global metal and polymer Additive Manufacturing market 2020 and supplier forecast 2025 [EUR billion] preview

Regional distribution of system sales revenue in 2020 and 2025

USA stays largest AM market

The largest market in the world for Additive Manufacturing products and services is the USA followed by China. In 5 years, both markets will keep their position in terms of system sales revenue. While for these markets an average growth rate is forecast, other local markets are expected, in comparison, to quickly adapt AM and hence to experience tremendous growth.

System sales revenue by industry 2020

Medical industry is leading system sales revenue

In 2020, the medical industry was the system suppliers’ prime customer and generated a large share of the total system sales revenue. Dental aligners, hearing aids, bone replacement endoprosthesis, or components for computed tomography scanners are only a few examples of medical devices which are in production using metal and polymer Additive Manufacturing technologies. The advantages of AM in terms of flexibility, design freedom and mass-customization meet the demand in this sector especially well. A growing material range, improved software platforms to further facilitate customizations to patient data and many other factors will continue to push medical AM applications to further growth in the future.
Another large user vertical was making use of complex designs and integrated components. The tool free fabrication for small and large batch sizes has made AM an indispensable production technology in this vertical. The range of applications for Additive Manufacturing continuously grows as further industries adopt its use.

System sales revenue by technology 2020 and 2025

More than half of the revenue is earned by Powder Bed Fusion system suppliers

A multitude of different metal and polymer Additive Manufacturing technologies are used in industry today. However, the majority of the production systems can be allocated to few working principles. One technology has the largest share with over 50 % of the total sales revenue. This share, however, is expected to drop as suppliers expect alternative AM technologies to find foothold in the industry.
In metal Additive Manufacturing, the sinter-based technologies have recently gained attention as highly productive alternatives and are expected to increase their market share significantly over the coming years.
For polymer technologies, the technology of one type of polymerization technology will continue to increase its revenue share. Proven in industrial settings the future revenue from system sales is projected to grow significantly until 2025.
Furthermore, a variety of new technologies is expected to find their share of industrial applications.