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Jaspreet Sidhu

Jaspreet Sidhu Currently the CEO of NCAM – National Centre for Additive Manufacturing India. He is keen to drive broader engagements with brands, businesses, startups, academic and research institutions to implement AM Roadmap of India. Over the years, Jaspreet has influenced many businesses to include not only robust business planning and executional excellence, but also […]

Josh Dugdale

Josh Dugdale Josh is a chartered mechanical engineering, with experience in the automotive, clean energy, defence, and security sectors. He started with the Manufacturing Technologies Association (MTA) in October 2016, where he initially led their legislative and standardisation work, before founding Additive Manufacturing UK (AMUK) as a trade association as part of the MTA Cluster […]

Region AMER 2024

The AMER region generally covers the USA, Canada and the south american countries including Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. Historically, the USA was the more active region in the polymer Additive Manufacturing field compared with Europe. Lateley, new emerging sinter-based metal Additive Manufacturing technologies predominentaly come from US based companies.

Region EMEA 2024

The EMEA region generally covers Europe, Russia, the african continent and the middle East. Europe is one of the birth regions of Additive Manufacturing while in the middle east, Israel is a hotspot for startups in new technologies. This report section covers regional reports of contributing local authors, who each are experts in the characteristicy of the regional Additive Manufacturing landscape.

Region APAC 2024

The APAC region generally covers Australia, the far east asian countries such as Japan and China as well as India. While Japan entered the Additive Manufacturing market much later than others, China is currently one of the largest players in the gloal industry. This report section covers regional reports of contributing local authors, who each are experts in the characteristicy of the regional Additive Manufacturing landscape.

Innovations in AM software 2024

Additive Manufacturing experiences massive growth and is considered to be one of the key technologies on the path of digitalization and industry 4.0. The ability of manufacturing parts directly from a CAD file enables mass-customization and on-demand production. Software is the key in design generation and processing of production data.

Investor’s view 2024

Investment news of 2023

Investor's view 2023

The industrial AM equipment market faced a challenging year in 2023. The 3D printing industry giants 3D SYSTEMS and STRATASYS both reported declining revenue for 2023 of 9 % and 4 %, respectively, with losses in the millions.
Throughout 2023, 3D SYSTEMS, STRATASYS, NANO DIMENSION, and DESKTOP METAL were actively engaged in take-over bids or merger offers towards each other, activities that underline the pressure for consolidation in the market. Additionally, it could be assumed, that the constant noise around hostile take-overs and merger rumors have not been beneficial to their commercial success in 2023.
The following overview provides key activities of investors and start-ups in the field of Additive Manufacturing for the year of 2023.

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Paul Gradl

Paul Gradl Paul Gradl is a principal engineer and subject matter expert at the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) in Huntsville, Alabama. Mr. Gradl serves as a Principal Investigator and leads several projects for additive manufacturing of liquid rocket engine engines and has supported various development and flight programs over the last 20 years. […]


“Winoa, the global steel abrasives manufacturing leader, specializing in shot blasting solutions, abrasive media, and a wide range of services and cutting-edge technologies, turned to AMPOWER for profound guidance into the Additive Manufacturing landscape. AMPOWER’s invaluable market data and insights have empowered us to make strategic decisions that will shape our future with precision.” Ramesh […]