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Polymer AM industrialization 2021

Over 16 different polymer AM technologies are currently known and all at different stages of technological and industrial maturity. This section evaluates important characteristics describing the state of the industrial use of polymer AM today and in the future.
While the dental industry has already implemented mass customized products, the consumer goods industry is also picking up the advantages of Additive Manufacturing. The mass customization of lattice structures within sporting goods or eye ware frames is just another step for the polymer Additive Manufacturing market to take to widespread industrial use of AM.

Metal AM industrialization 2021

Over 18 different metal AM technologies are currently known, which are in highly different stages of maturity. Processes like Powder Bed Fusion or Powder Laser Deposition are well-established in multiple industries and used in qualified productions of serial parts. Other AM technologies have just been introduced into the market or are still in a phase of development.

Metal AM market by industry 2021

Many different industries have successfully adopted metal Additive Manufacturing. Medical and dental can be regarded as pioneering industry with serial productions starting in the early 2000s. Other industries, especially aerospace continue to play a strong part in metal Additive Manufacturing.

Metal AM market by technology 2021

The metal Additive Manufacturing technology market will face large shifts in distribution and usage of AM principles due to new and upcoming technologies entering the market. Today, the large majority of machines sold and used are Laser Beam Powder Bed Fusion systems. However, technologies such as Binder Jetting or Wire Arc Deposition will significantly increase their market share over the next 5 years.

Metal AM market by region 2021

Metal Additive Manufacturing is used all over the world. The regions of interest in the AMPOWER Report are segmented into the groups of the Americas (AMER), the Asia Pacific region (APAC) consisting of East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Oceania as well as the group of Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

Metal AM market size 2021

Additive Manufacturing is experiencing massive growth and is considered to be one of the key technologies on the path of digitalization and industry 4.0. The ability of manufacturing parts directly from a CAD file is creating high expectations in the market. Nevertheless, the metal Additive Manufacturing market size is still a niche compared to other manufacturing technologies.

Metal AM market by material 2021

The metal Additive Manufacturing material market is expected to significantly increase feedstock use in the next five years. Regardless the high growth, the feedstock accounts for only a very small fraction of the worldwide metal material market. Most of the alloy consumption in AM is driven by high end applications such as aerospace or medical. Thus, high strength and high temperature alloys are taking large shares.

Fabio Sant’Ana

Fabio Sant’Ana Fabio graduated in Precision Mechanics by the Swiss Brazilian Senai School and College and received Bachelors degree in Business Administration by Universidade Paulista. He has 30 years of experience in helping companies to acquire and make the most of manufacturing equipment. As an entrepreneur and avid for knowledge, Fabio is a member of […]

Christian Seidel

Prof. Dr. Christian M. Seidel Christian Seidel is Professor for “Manufacturing Technologies and Additive Manufacturing” at Munich University of Applied Sciences and Management Consultant for Additive Manufacturing. Christian has already received five awards from European and American organizations for his achievements in the field of additive manufacturing. His previous positions include Chairman of ISO TC261 […]